Kriya Yoga Meditation

Yoga:    citta-vrtti-nirodha

Stopping the functions (thoughts) of the thinking substance (see Yoga Sutras Pantanjali)


  • KriyaThis means that any action performed in harmony with          spiritual consciousness

  • Kri  All actions that we perform in waking consciousness,                including thinking
  • Ya   Soul

Meditation is the calmness of the human mind that arises through regular yoga practice - pure perception. The necessary basis for calming the world of emotions and thoughts; the freedom that arises from the self-discipline of the restless human mind.

The process towards this freedom is set in motion and supported by:

  • Simple, effective breathing exercises

  • Development of the power of concentration through targeted work with the centers of consciousness (chakras)

  • Systematic development and refinement of perception and intuition

  • Strengthening and stabilizing the immune system

  • Strong promotion of self-healing powers

  • Study of the chakra-nadi system and knowledge of the autonomic nervous system and endocrine glands

On this basis, transformation of consciousness, spiritual healing and shamanic understanding are possible. Through the practice of yoga meditation, the practitioner experiences the light within himself that illuminates previously hidden areas of his being. The main difficulty with the path of yoga is also the correct use of free will. © copyright by edition ars orme 2015.

Kriya-Yoga - Magie der Wirklichkeit von Agnes Nuscha Lanz, Editions Heuwinkel 9783905228113