Course participants

  • Dear Hermann A thousand thanks for your excellent teaching. The praise from the
  • participants is not only good for you but also for me - see attachment.
    We are happy to have you here at our school.
    We wish you good luck and good health for 2015.
    Best regards
    Ulrike               Ulrike von Blarer Zalokar, School director, clinic director, lecturer, TCM alternative practitioner

  • Dear Hermann I always look forward to your courses ;-) And every time my expectations are exceeded! Your courses are very enriching and I can put everything into practice immediately. The effect is immense :-) With Shin Tai I have developed a lot in my practice and found the tool I was missing. I am already looking forward to our next meeting! Thank you very much for everything and best regards Kathrin
  • Dear Hermann, your course was once again super great! Thank you so much! As I told you, I relaxed the central canal and released the fascia in the pregnant woman, who kept showing other blockages, and no longer manipulated the pelvis. Now she actually no longer had a blockage.
  • I would like to thank you and Cornelia from the bottom of my heart for the great course. I had the feeling that it all came together. You brought together all the different areas that I have been able to learn and experience over the last few years in the course. I am simply grateful.
    Thank you very much and have a good time from the bottom of my heart
  • Thank you very much for the pictures and the great course days! I currently have good "ShinTai exercise fields" ;-) displaced pelvis, shortened iliopsoas and sacral torsion. It's fun to work with and gives more and more confidence in diagnosis and treatment. Best regards, Martina
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful Hara course! I really enjoyed my time with you, Cornelia and the course participants. To this day I feel very grounded and centered in my core ???? I have already been able to integrate what I learned into my treatments very well and the feedback is very, very positive! I'm already looking forward to the next ShinTai course.Best regards and see you soon, Tiziana
  • Dear Hermann, Dear Cornelia
    The six days were very intensive and enriching. I can use many "techniques" from the course in my work. The exercises on proprioceptive perception brought me even more in touch with my body, my environment and the universe. This also deepens my perception a little, which I find very nice. The whole Hara work centered me a lot and I like my belly a little more ;-). I found the deep sinking in and the atmosphere in the group very pleasant.
    I felt very well accompanied and supported by you. There was always someone there! Thank you so much for everything!
    Best regards Michaela

Some Coruse-Impressions

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