Individual treatments

Shiatsu and what it does to me... I am exhausted, feel incapable of working, can no longer sleep, my whole body aches. Shiatsu (Hermann Grobbauer) slowly leads me back to myself, to my body, to my soul. In every treatment, I perceive an energy through touch that gives me hope and strengthens me. Shiatsu is like a visit to an island; when the time has come, I have enough strength to swim back to the shore and to embark on new paths. Shiatsu helps me to pause, to come back to myself. To feel calm and serenity...I let myself be touched - I am touched and that touches me. The spiral turns... I am always learning something new, when I pass a point where I have already been, a small piece is a necklace made up of thousands of small pearls.

The chain of life... a design that comes together particle by particle to form a whole. A gliding over into a new dimension... BEING without HAVING to. After many loving accompaniments, I not only stand in front of the door, which presents itself open to me again and again, no, I step over the threshold and feel reborn. I leave behind what no longer belongs to me. A soft breath of gentle yet powerful air floats through me, pure life energy. A deeply felt thought keeps passing before my inner eye...if I were terminally ill and ready to leave this dimension, I would wish for nothing more than to be carried by Shiatsu and led into death and the afterlife. Thank you Hermann for your wonderful existence in the here and now. A.H.

Enriched and more in touch with myself and my strength again - that's how I feel after every treatment with Cornelia. Her very attentive, clear and calm bodywork is gentle and intense at the same time - and always enables a (return) journey to myself - a relaxation for body, soul and spirit. ...and is always my highlight of the week. Thank you Cornelia! A.G.

Shiatsu Shin Tai, therapy notes Basically, I am never able to consciously record the countless emotions and perceptions. It is like in so many other contexts, where the soul's perception allows a multitude of events to resonate somewhere/somehow inside every moment. I feel more and more like a listener who is never able to express what is going on inside with (clumsy) thinking.

I marvel at the high art of poetry, at what (and how) cannot be expressed. And yet I think that even the highest art of poetry is only a crutch compared to what wants to reveal itself in the spirit - in the spiritual world, or through it - into the soul, and also through the soul again (towards consciousness): infinite, truly infinite richness, a constant divine gift! I can only be on the path of learning and endeavoring to open myself. A gift of grace for every step that leads further.

Friday 21.9. Today: I had trouble switching off; again and again everything that moves me and also depresses or frightens me passes through me - sometimes almost confusingly. Then in all the subtle pressure - or in the quiet points of contact - I suddenly realize again that tiredness (overtiredness) has overcome me. I then try again and again to concentrate on those fine points: e.g. in the back (what is coming through there now?) - and again I am gone and only realize when I come back through some next/next emotion that I have just been gone again. I've actually been struggling like this for days, weeks, months.... Then today - as in previous therapy sessions - there was that turning of the foot inwards, alternating with the subtle touch in the neck: strange, very strange: something comes through, but I can't grasp it; I can only perceive somehow emotionally: it's good. And I actually want to linger there - and in all the areas where I feel similar - and listen and perceive/absorb what exactly is there or is happening.

Then this force, the weight on the lower back, in the small of the back etc.: painful and so very good: oh, if I had any idea of words and concepts that would be able to express it... what goes through there... so real, manifest, also clear and yet not formulable for me. Or then the enormous pressure points (with elbow in back) - pain, very, and palpable, how that feels good, more so in the first place than in the second. Then the slight pull on my left foot; where is it going... or what? .... Could it be something other than the stretching? And what goes up into the oblique hip and further up into the neck etc. etc.? The turn to the side, stretching after stretching in the need to increase up to many small stretching movements, up to the hollow position of the back - to the limits; and then into the opposite...painful through to infinitely beneficial.... Always and especially with the breathing - but also there to the limits...but sooo good! And this final liberating experience is then released in the exhalation, holding it very deeply and releasing it suddenly. But I can't seem to formulate the essence of what I have experienced and gone through. R.G.

I'm fine, the treatment was again just right, thank you once again. The tension that I still felt on my right side in the practice disappeared in the course of the afternoon. My neck is much freer, as are my hips. When I left the practice I walked so lightly, i.e. my legs were so light. My psyche is also much better now. It's just that when the body is in flow, it also influences the soul. I am always amazed at this. (I still have sore muscles, but they will pass)! I wish you and your family a good time and see you soon. Best regards G.P.

I have been booking Shiatsu appointments with Hermann when I am in Bern for around 7 years. In the beginning, the focus was on physical complications after several chest operations. The longer I went on, the more my focus shifted to "finding my way back from my head to my body" and the positive body feeling that goes with it. Hermann always senses surprisingly precisely how far I am prepared to go during a treatment, what I need and where the blockages are: how much we can remain on a mechanical level and release specific tension with just a few movements, or whether more metaphysical aspects can also take up space. His openness, his sensitivity, his empathy, his broad knowledge and his diverse practice (from physiotherapeutic muscle work to East Asian teachings) are deeply impressive - and yet his approach always remains pragmatic, searching and never seems dogmatic to me. I haven't found anything comparable in either Zurich or Berlin, which is why I always enjoy traveling to Bern, sometimes just for this reason. Thank you, Hermann! D.G.

I attended your therapy for the first time 6 days ago. I would like to give you some brief feedback here. On Wednesday evening I still had neck pain and headaches, which have been getting worse and worse over the last 8 months and have been very limiting. However, I have been almost symptom-free since Thursday. I almost can't believe it and waited until today, thinking it would be back tomorrow. Unbelievable...
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I think that the last 15 minutes of neck therapy in particular helped a lot. We have made an appointment in 4 weeks. If the symptoms return sooner, I would be happy to contact you if that is possible. For now, I wish you a good time and hope to see you again in a month's time ;-). Best regards, P. S.March 23