The natural tools

The rattle Rhythm of life
The rattle is made by hand, the sound box is made of a hard nut (Africa) or ornamental gourd and may have small holes to make the sound brighter. It is filled with small tumbled stones made of crystal or hard seeds and the handle is made from a processed piece of branch.

As a personal tool
to center oneself, to consciously align the energy flow according to the meridian flow and chakra-nadi system, as well as the magnetic forces of the cardinal points/celestial directions. This leads to a calmer mind. It creates space and connects with the mystery of life, which can only be experienced but not described.

In the community
it serves as a rhythm instrument alongside the drum to create "a vibration in which the individual is immersed in the group and merges with it, thus creating an energy field". (A. Nuscha Lanz: What is shamanism?)

As a tool
for rattle cleansing of a person's energetic body - awareness and harmonization of the "bioplasmic body".

The drum Heartbeat of the earth
The double-sided drums (e.g. Madal), embody the female aspect or the earth mother, and are played by hand or with sticks, one or two-handed in the battito, in the heartbeat of nature.

Through this monotonous rhythm, which all participants work out together, a field can be created that allows the consciousness to immerse itself in a finer level of perception or "non-everyday reality" without psychedelic substances. It opens a gateway to come into conscious contact with the cardinal points and its archetypes, the plant, animal and mineral world, as well as the five elements.

It is not uncommon to receive answers to personal questions. Perceiving the power of the healing field created together and moving (dancing) in it is balm for the soul and the mind.

The voice In the beginning was the sound
"We come from sound, we are sound and we return to sound." (Vemu Mukunda).

We work in the energy centers (chakras), cleansing and vitalizing them through simple vocal singing. When used in a targeted manner, it has a positive influence on the nerve centers and thus a deep effect on the glandular system. Sounds whose vibrations reach every cell of the body. The feeling in the body changes, tensions can be released, we feel revitalized and mentally clear.

The aim is to tune into the greater whole of OM - from the personal tone to the group sound. It can be an expression of our deepest prayer (thanks, joy, feelings). It is the purest form of "praying from the heart" and is the basis for the revelation of your own personal power song.

The feedback With - share
Feedback is a central element of this work. Working together over a longer period of time strengthens the social fabric.

The interpersonal exchange (feedback) in a protected environment helps to better integrate and solve personal problems.