Proprioceptive training

Proprioception - movement as an expression of life

Movement means development and life as such. It happens wherever consciousness, also with its aspects of subconsciousness and superconsciousness, connects with a process. Today, science is also researching this topic, as can be seen in quantum research, and if we look at nature, we see that everything is movement. 

The sap of the tree in front of the house begins to rise in spring to produce leaves, flowers and fruit for the new cycle. And even when they retreat again in fall and winter, life movement happens in secret for the next year. 

So if movement is an attribute of life and health, stagnation stands for illness. Hildegard von Bingen said: "In nature, everything flows in the form of a spiral - only the devil flies straight out."

The importance of movement in the body

Just as we have different layers of tissue in the body, we also have different levels of energy in and around the body system. So when everything is in motion, we can use different tools to support energy movement in different frequency ranges.

Masunaga, a pioneer of Shiatsu, postulated that from the point of view of basic life functions, movement is the expression of the living cell. Movement is an expression of polarity, of yin and yang or plus and minus.

The simple prorioceptive exercises, which can be practiced by anyone, awaken our inner GPS and promote development in a completely new dimension.

"With conscious expansion of the energy body, a whole new dimension becomes a part of life."   Saul Goodman