Advanced CC - the module

coherence of polarities

Jazz of bodywork

In the basic module "Shin Tai Shiatsu: Central Channel Relaxation" we focused on creating a linear model for releasing tension patterns in the
patterns of tension in the ligating vessels and deep fascia.

Now we leave this linear structure. We are immersing ourselves in advanced work on the central channel. We are moving between linear and non-linear dimension, examining the patterns that can occur in each treatment sequence. We notice how seamlessly effective treatment moves between the linearand the non-linear mode - it is the Jazz of Bodywork (Saul Goodman).

Furthermore we define proprioceptive suggestions to release stress patterns more directly and deeply - and allow the client to arrive more quickly in the present.

Teaching and learning objectives

You are able to:
  • The expansion of the sacral zonesand the alarm reaction.
  • To use cranial suture contacts to correct the spine.
  • To recognize and use the time for to recognize and use off-body contacts.
  • Deepen and teach proprioceptive exercise and to teach it.
  • Positioning for alignment and and increase the breath wave.
  • Apply alternative contacts, e.g. anterior contacts.
  • To support the integration of the physical and the vibrational bodies.
Theoretical foundations
  • The awakening of proprioceptive consciousness
  • Development of a non-linear process
  • Transformation of the critical point to a holographic approach
  • The different dimensions of alignment
Evaluation tools
  • Linear and nonlinear consciousness
  • Qualities of the vibrational body
  • Validation of the "The awakening of the "atmospheric shift"

Prerequisite for this training is the module "Shin Tai Shiatsu: Central Channel Relaxation"!