Governing Vessel & Spine

Father of the meridians "Creating space and regaining vitality with movement"

"The extraordinary thing about the Governing and Conception Vessels is that they regulate the flow of all acupuncture meridians."

                       Shizuto Masunaga

Shiatsu-ShinTai offers efficient techniques for mobilizing the vertebral joints from the sacrum to the atlas in order to not only efficiently prevent back problems, but also to effectively alleviate or even completely eliminate them. 

Movement in the spine is considered to be a diagnostic tool for the Governing Vessel and makes it possible to deal with restrictions, release them and thus bring restricted vitality back into flow. 

By working on the steering vessel, the structure is realigned (alignment) and the body's original ability to resonate is restored.

Organic and neuromuscular problems can be resolved. The physical, emotional and mental bodies begin to interact adequately in the present again.