Conception Vessel and Hara - the module

Disc, Andrea Wolfensberger, Museum Bruder Klaus, Sachseln

Happy Hara - Happy Life

The hara can be understood as the central manifestation of the conception vessel. If it is vital and dynamic, it helps to realize the life dream that every person has within them. Through targeted treatment of the hara, you will guide your client back to their life force and learn how to treat the conception vessel efficiently via the hara.

You will also expand your work on the hara and master the process from energetic evaluation to deep and effective treatment. In Shin Tai, we equate the hara with the conception vessel - from the mouth to the perineum.  Following thes pathway, we transform matter (food) into energy and energy into matter (excretion). It is therefore the key to metabolism and thus to energy balance, transformation of negative emotions and the manifestation of dreams and visions.

It therefore makes sense that in many branches of the healing arts, recovery begins in the digestive tract. This empathetic and deep access to our center gives us, as well as later our clientsrelief, well-being, dynamism, balance - vigour.

Teaching and learning objectives

In 2x3 days you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between Hara diagnosis and diagnosis of the Hara

  • Hip evaluation and leg length test in supine position.

  • Treat the hara to increase resonance and restore vitality.

  • Treat the Hara to support circulation, improve digestion and elimination, and for neuromuscular pain.

  • To treat the conception vessel efficiently.

  • Using fascia work adequate.

  • Passively align hip structure and leg lengths.

  • To activate the upper Hara specifically: Promote bile flow, support the small intestine from the duodenum to the ileocecal valve in sections.

  • To promote colonic peristalsis and to perform a percussion diagnosis.

  • The thumb massage for liver and spleen flexure.

  • Fascia work for the aorta to use.

  • Use the pump technique for kidneys, spleen and liver.

Theoretical basics

  • The connection between the egg cell, ovulation, conception vessel KG and hara
  • The relationship between KG and hara
  • The relationship between hip joints and hara
  • The role of the hara in manifestation of the life dream
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Hara - Diagnosis
  • Hip evaluation
  • Leg length check in supine position

Diagnostic tools

  • Hara - Diagnose
  • Hip - Evaluation
  • Leg length measurement in supine position