Governing Vessel and Spine - the module

Vater der Meridiane

Through specific awareness training, you will learn to recognize restricted movement in the body. The techniques you practise allow you to align and free the spine very efficiently. In this way, you help to regain your original life force and willpower, the flow of life force is stimulated and body and mind act in "real time" - in the now.

Teaching and learning objectives

You are able:

  • To apply the technique of general release of the central channel.
  • To get to the bottom of the importance of the steering vessel as a primary information system.
  • To explain the connection between the steering vessel and the spine and  to influence it by aligning the vertebral-rib joints
  • To mobilize the shoulder blades and shoulder joints.
  • To align the sacroiliac joint.
  • To passively correct the cervical vertebrae.
  • To train and use your proprioceptive perception system.
  • To treat the spine and paravertebral muscles and activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Theoretical foundations

  • The origin and hierarchy of the primary information system
  • Leg length measurement
  • The healing power of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • The connection between the GV and the spine
  • The relationship between the GV and the parasympathetic nervous system

Evaluation tools

  • Diagnosis of the lumbar vessel based on movement
  • The three phases of resonance
  • Evaluation of vertebral alignment and spinal mobility