Central channel release - the module

You will work on advanced techniques for the central channel, which is directly related to the steering vessel. 

This is where highly specific stress patterns manifest themselves, namely in the dura mater, the outermost membrane of the brain. These stress patterns have become internalized, often over a lifetime, and drain your clients' life force - the quality of life is limited, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

After this course you will have the ability to recognize, evaluate and release these stress patterns. 

The techniques you use are extremely gentle - and open the door to improving a wide range of physical complaints. At the same time, they help you to achieve greater emotional, mental and spiritual flexibility.

Teaching and learning objectives

You are able to:

  • Evaluation& treatment of 6 specific stress patterns using gentle contact techniques.
  • To evaluate and treat six specific stress patterns.
  • To correct leg lengths.
  • To achieve more range of motion for the atlas and axis.
  • To apply proprioceptive suggestions therapeutically.
  • To relax the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system with high effectiveness.
  • To restore the "3 phases of resonance". 
  • To establish a reliable linear treatment process.


  • The 3 resonance phases of life force
  • How energy/life force is lost through stress
  • LIM - Less is more! The theory of the "critical point of tension and how we can achieve the best possible result with the least effort

Evaluation tools

  • The perception of radiation
  • Sensing the critical point
  • The 3 phases of resonance