Clarity & change

An Article by Saul Goodman

When our clients experience Shiatsu Shin Tai bodywork, they want to know more about the process of change and healing that has been initiated. This is great because the more someone understands about it, the more it enhances the effect of the therapy. Please use this article for yourself and share it with your clients.                                                        


What do Shiatsu Shin Tai treatments achieve?

Shiatsu Shin Tai treatments focus on restoring the flow and circulation of the life force. When the life force cannot circulate freely, the body releases delayed/distorted information about the past. This makes it difficult to understand what is happening in the present and obscures our ability to respond appropriately to current events. The treatments help to free up the information system and allow us to function more in real time*. * Realtime: the time actually required by an electronic computing system for the immediate and direct processing of data - Duden)Regular treatments clear the information system at a deeper level. Our inner guidance system stays up to date while it is freed from the chatter of old unconscious content. A cleared system empowers us to realize our projects, goals and relationships through "real time information".

How often should someone come for treatment?

In order to maintain a so-called continuous real-time overview mode, 1-3 Shiatsu Shin Tai treatments per month are recommended as optimal. The frequency also depends on your current life circumstances.

Can treatments facilitate deep change?

Treatments can facilitate deep change and transformation of unproductive life patterns - patterns that affect health, well-being and the ability to experience happiness. Change at this level holds great opportunities, and at the same time many challenges. It requires honesty with oneself, shining a light on inadequate beliefs and behaviors that we don't see or don't want to see, like renovating a house in danger of collapse. It will not be enough to paint the façade and rearrange the furniture to make it a healthy living space. The condition of the house will continue to deteriorate and offer us less and less support for our lives. It will require more and more of our energy to prevent it from deteriorating.

In order to achieve concrete and satisfactory results, it is important to restore the functional systems such as the electricity system and sanitary facilities to perfect condition so that the house can offer us a healthy and pleasant environment. The foundation for long-term stability must also be secured, and the change in quality of life that many of our clients seek requires a realignment of our own "in(ner)formation system" based on a moment-to-moment foundation. Treatments that liberate our inner guidance enable this kind of paradigm shift. Information flows in real time and leads to more conscious awareness. The experiences can be both happy and challenging

What are the signs that deep change is underway?

  • the regained enthusiasm to get involved

  • more willingness to participate

  • feel more relaxed

  • the body functions better

  • clearer priorities are set to do what you really want to do

  • healthier and more functional choices for personal development

  • you start to experience more lightness in everyday life

Possible challenges in depth

  • Deep change can reveal what we have consciously or unconsciously repressed about ourselves and our belief patterns

  • Sometimes the first signs of change are subtle and indirect

  • Often the first signs of change seem inappropriate or insignificant in relation to our most pressing issues

  • We want to stop treatment when difficult, self-sabotaging feelings come to the surface

  • living in real time means that we are ruthlessly honest with ourselves and others

  • We transfer negative feelings and emotions onto the therapists, who actually help to facilitate this process

  • We need to distance ourselves from people, situations and activities that promote negative feelings and behaviors

  • We create reasons for dropping out of the treatment process, such as no time, not enough money, problems with the work schedule, etc.

It may be beneficial to educate clients about some of these potential challenges. This helps them to recognize them more easily and understand them as a process of healing. They are more willing to accept the challenges.

Treatment frequency for changed quality of life

A series of 10 to 20 treatments is recommended to initiate a profound change in quality of life. Treatments are given once or twice a week. After a short break of 3 to 6 weeks, another series of 10 treatments is recommended and once these sessions are finished, 1-2 treatments per month are optimal to stay in real time. The frequency also depends on the current life circumstances.

People who wish to experience this in-depth treatment process are also asked to do homework. This involves various types of exercises, activities and basic dietary changes, and requires you to commit time and energy. 

This type of personal commitment ensures a process of expanded life experience in many areas: Creativity, work, relationships, prosperity, health and life purpose, to name a few.

As experience shows, it is well worth pursuing such a treatment strategy with committed people. The result is inspiring and energizing, both for the practitioner and the recipient!