Waht is Shiatsu ShinTai

Shin Tai is the further development of Saul Goodman's Shiatsu and means "source of the body". Specific and precise techniques create more space and movement in the body at various levels - cellular, organic, in the joints and in the bioplasmic body. The life force can move more freely and supports regeneration and self-healing in the client's system.

Life force (Ki jap. /Chi chin. /Prana ind.) is understood as a flow of information or energy through the entire body system. Stress compresses this flow of information and restricts life on various levels.
The aim of Shin Tai is to release the deep stress patterns in the body.
The Governing Vessel/Spine and Conception Vessel/Hara are seen as the heart of the information system, directing the primary energy in the complex meridian system. More movement in the Governing and Conception Vessels means a freer flow of information.

The practitioner primarily uses their trained perception to support the client in their self-alignment, sometimes with very light, sometimes with very deep pressure. Meridian work, structural alignment (pelvic misalignment/vertebral subluxations etc.), fascia techniques, chakra work and hara (abdominal) massage are all aspects of Shin Tai. It is not a definitively self-contained system, but as alive and capable of learning as the cellular system.

If cells begin to communicate with each other more optimally again, vitality that was thought to be lost or compressed will return and life will become easier, more dynamic, more joyful and more active.